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So once again this summer I returned to Les Arcs to work as a guide for Trail Addiction. It was even better this year than the month I spent getting my bearings last year. We had an influx of new members to the team and everyone was super sound. Consequently we had some really cool guides’ days out on our day off, including doing a trip to Mont Jovet mountain refuge which involved eating a huuuuge amount of tartiflette on our arrival at 8.30pm one night, and descending about 1500m from the door at 7am the next morning. Then we went to Courchevel to try out a new trail our head guide Chris had been eyeing up on the map. It turned out to be awesome and we named it Fruitcake. I’ll throw together an edit of the gopro footage I got soon…

At one point in the season we had a pretty interesting situation in the chalet where some guests were telling others about a trail called La Varda. It’s a pretty epic trail at the top – you have to do a 10-15 minute hike-a-bike in, and then you’re in mountain wilderness well away from any lifts. Its on the border with the national park too so there’s good opportunity to see things like Marmottes and maybe even Ibex if you’re lucky. Up top, its a pretty straightforward piece of trail, but lower down it’s about as technical as it gets. Trouble is, no one ever sees what the harder sections look like and they all want to go and do it for the epicness of the top. When one group tells another how awesome it is and then they want to go, it can be a bit tricky if you know that either your group wouldn’t be capable of riding it or you know they wouldn’t enjoy it. The joys of being a guide! Anyway, I decided to make a rough edit of the more techy parts just in case this situation arises next year. The quickest time down the trail from start to finish is 23 minutes apparently. I’ve never timed myself but this version is heavily abridged at 6.38! Hope it proves to be interesting watching…

2 Responses to Trail Addiction

  1. Peter Calvert says:

    Hi Emily,
    you were my guide in 2012, I joined your group after twisting my ankle in Stuart’s group.
    Great site and interesting videos and blogg.
    Are you guiding with Trailaddiction in 2013? I will book again with them this year and liked your slightly more relaxed pace.
    Well done on the law exams by the way!

    Peter Calvert.(Bath)

  2. Emily says:

    Hi Peter,

    Glad you like the site. Yes, I think I will be working for Trail Addiction again, in between race commitments. Ali is the best person to get in touch with as he’ll be able to tell you if there are spaces available the same weeks I’ll be in Les Arcs.

    See you in the summer!


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